VN-aanbevelingen IVESCR-rapportage: arbeidsinspectie moet los staan van immigratiedienst

  1. While the Committee notes the measures taken by the State party to improve the situation of domestic workers, it remains concerned that these workers still do not enjoy all their economic, social and cultural rights. The Committee is also concerned that employers do not always pay the required social security contributions. The Committee is further concerned that labor inspectors have dual responsibilities of controlling not only working conditions but also the observance of legislation relating to the stay of foreign workers on the territory and related fraud, which may prevent migrant workers from reporting labour misconduct (art. 7).
  2. The Committee recommends that the State party take immediate actions to ensure effective protection of all workers in the labor market, including domestic workers and migrant workers, in accordance with the Covenant. The Committee further invites the State party to reconsider the dual responsibilities entrusted upon labour inspectors with a view to ensuring access to effective remedies to all workers subject to unjust or unfavourable labor conditions. The Committee refers the State party to its General comment No. 23 (2016) on the right to just and favourable conditions of work., 23.6.17

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